“Do I really need to get a survey?”

This is an often asked question by a purchaser of a residential property whether they are first time buyers or an experienced purchaser.  There is really only one answer that a purchaser solicitor can give to this question and that is a resounding “yes”. That applies every time the question is asked and is also … Read more

Frontloading Residential Conveyancing

In recent months a new ‘buzz’ word has evolved in the conveyancing fraternity, that of ‘front-loading’ the residential conveyancing process. In an effort to reduce delay and to try to resolve issues early in property transactions, it is felt that the initial requirements placed upon the Vendor’s Solicitor should be dealt with as soon as … Read more

‘A New Dawn’ for residential conveyancing NI

Proposed improvements in residential conveyancing NI to make buying and selling your house faster and more transparent, by reducing administrative inefficiencies and unnecessary delays. A Joint Memorandum between Estate Agents and Property Solicitors will bring a better understanding of who does what and when give more clarity to the respective roles and responsibility of estate … Read more

WATER SERVICE LETTERS and MAPS – Where did this come from?

I have recently been asking a question to which I have not yet received a satisfactory answer. The question is quite simple – “why are we having now to produce, when acting for a Vendor in the sale of a residential property, an official letter and map from Northern Ireland Water relating to the location … Read more